He Is A Very Smart, Top-notch Doc!

Dr. Justin Olsen is my surgeon. I had almost lost my life and he had saved me from dying due to a perforated colon. I am forever grateful for that. I’ve now had several surgeries performed by Dr. Olsen and his team for my colostomy, ileostomy etc. I have to say that he is the very best doctor that I have ever dealt with. I have been in the hospital many times before from other health problems (back, hip replacement surgeries etc) and have never experienced such a good, caring professional like Dr. Olsen and his team. He is a very smart, top notch Doc! He explains everything to me with diagrams etc. I thought I’d never say this, but I actually look forward to my follow-up appointments that I have with Proliance Surgical Specialists of Edmonds. Dr. Olsen is not only my doctor, I now consider him a friend who I admire very much. He and his entire staff are and have always been very professional and make it nice to visit for my appointments. I trust Dr. Olsen and his entire team of surgeons that have helped him during my surgeries very much. I am never nervous because I know that I am in good hands. They all have great personalities and have a sense of humor which I find very important as well. I couldn’t give a better recommendation for these guys and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. If you are reading this and considering them for a surgery, look no further.

I Would Recommend Dr. Olsen To Friends And Family

Dr. Olsen performed emergency hernia surgery for a large hernia that had a section of my colon caught in it. The surgery was about an hour and a half long and prevented any necrosis of the bowel which would have created a much more serious condition. Dr. Olsen spent time explaining the procedure to me, and communicated post operative instructions to my wife. He was in my room early the next morning explaining it to me as well. The post op follow-up went very well. The office staff is prompt, courteous and efficient. His nurse-practitioner was very professional in ensuring that my recovery was proceeding appropriately. I would recommend Dr. Olsen and other members of Proliance Surgical Specialists of Edmonds to friends and family.

I Highly Recommend Dr. Olsen

I had an emergency appendectomy that blew apart inside me as soon as Dr. Olsen touched it. I came out of it healthy, happy and thrilled with his compassion for not only myself, but for my sister who was in the waiting room far longer than expected. Dr Olsen answered each and every question she had and took all the time she needed to be comforted and know her sister was ok. He explained everything he’d done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Olsen and his expertise and compassion.